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Competitive National SEO Services

Did you know that 92% of Google users click search results on the first page only?* If your business doesn’t show up in the top results, you could be missing out on a ton of potential clients. Not only that, but if your brand is national, you have to compete with local businesses and large name brands alike. That’s no easy feat.

When you’re busy running a business, reaching such a large audience may feel impossible. But with a custom search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, we can help promote your website so you can rank above your competitors and stand out online

Why National SEO?

You’re probably asking, “Is national SEO really necessary for my business? Should I be focusing on local or ecommerce SEO instead?” The truth is: many types of SEO techniques could boost your rankings and drive traffic to your site in the long run, but a national SEO strategy is most ideal for brands who want to increase sales leads and influence a nationwide audience. 

If you have a service or product that can be purchased nationwide, national SEO is the way to go.

How National SEO Works

Gone are the days of keyword stuffing and cheap tricks. Our goal is to fully optimize your website and build out your content in a way that helps search engines understand what your business is and where your audience can find you. 

Even though you likely don’t have a physical location we can target, the sky’s the limit when it comes to SEO. 

We take a multi-faceted national SEO approach, helping you carry out a content strategy that builds your online reputation and shows search engines that you are relevant and trusted in your niche. In turn, Google’s algorithm will have an easier  time recognizing your website and connecting it with your potential audience. 

Simple SEO Strategy, Extraordinary Results

While national SEO campaigns are an effective strategy, they can be a challenge to implement. Unlike traditional SEO, which focuses on targeting smaller, less competitive keywords, national SEO campaigns focus on reaching for broader terms that require more effort to rank for. 

At Sixth Media, we take a committed approach, creating national SEO campaigns aimed at getting your brand to the top of the search engines and setting you up for success. Before we can drive traffic to your website, we need to make sure your site has excellent user experience, is optimized for mobile, and can be recognized in search engines.

User Optimization

When visitors use your website, is it a clear, concise, experience? We perform a thorough audit to test if your site provides a user-friendly experience, has a quick loading speed, and can easily be visited on a mobile device. Majority of online users are on their smartphones, so it’s essential that your website is mobile-friendly. It’s also crucial that your site loads quickly, otherwise, your visitors will get frustrated and search engines will be less likely to promote your site. 

If we run into any of these problems, no worries. We’ll work with you to make specific tweaks or redesigns to optimize your site.

URL Cleanup

It’s a good idea to use relevant keywords on your site, even in your URLs. We can help you get your URLs organized and optimized for search engines.

Improved Relevancy

When we optimize your site for national SEO, we also take a look at your structured data, including your markup, to ensure you are seen as “relevant” to search engines and receive higher rankings for the content you publish on your site.

National SEO that Drives Your ROI

Is there a catch? Not at all. SEO plays an important part in any marketing strategy. National SEO takes a bit more time and effort but in the end delivers amazing results.

Imagine getting a predictable flow of visitors to your site without paying for every click. Our approach is to improve your brand awareness, maximize lead generation, and increase revenue. And we take care of the heavy lifting for you, so you can focus on your business and watch as it grows.

Quality over Quantity

We understand that national SEO is complex. No matter what your experience with SEO is, we want you to feel involved every step of the way. Transparency is a big deal to us — we provide clear, concise reporting and regular communication so that you’ll always be in the loop. How will you know if our efforts are working? We’ll show you with a custom report dedicated to your site’s progress.

National SEO Just Got Easier

With our extensive knowledge, we are confident we can improve your national brand and help you get a leg up on your top competitors. We focus our efforts on the areas that will make the biggest impact, so you get the most out of your budget and the best results for your business.

Take the Leap

Helping national businesses improve their visibility is a passion of ours, and we’d love to give you the same incredible results. Get started with your FREE competitive SEO analysis. We can’t wait to hear from you.