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Are you hoping to gain more visibility and patients for your chiropractic business?

If so, chiropractor SEO should be a consistent digital marketing effort.

Here at Sixth Media, we specialize in SEO and have created a full guide on SEO for chiropractors. Click below to get started:

How to do Chiropractor SEO in 2023

SEO for chiropractors is very similar to what would be done in most local SEO campaigns, although there are a few key differences.

Google My Business for your practice

A vital effort for your chiropractic business is setting up a Google My Business profile.

Without a Google business profile, it will be impossible to rank in Google Maps.

This means users will be unable to find your practice, call you, get directions, and more.

To start, be sure to create and fully optimize your Google My Business profile, and be sure to fill out the following:

  • Correct business name
  • Business address
  • Business phone number
  • Business hours – It’s important these are correct and there’s someone to talk to potential patients during business hours.
  • Reviews – Be sure to get and respond to Google reviews, as this is a primary way to perform better in the SERPs.
  • Business description
  • Photos – Upload as many photos as possible!
(Optional) Google My Business for individual practitioners

According to Google, it makes sense for individual practitioners to have their own Google My Business profiles.

With the possibility of multiple Google Business profiles per practitioner, there is a lot more potential visibility to be had. But there are a few caveats to keep in mind.

Chiropractor Business with multiple practitioners at a single location

If you have multiple public-facing practitioners at one location, you can create a Google business profile for the location that is separate from any of the practitioners, along with Google business profiles per practitioner. In this case, the title for the business itself should be the brand only and not contain any of the names of the practitioners.

Business with a single practitioner at a branded chiropractic practice

If you are a solo business (you are the only chiropractor and the business is branded around your personal brand), the gold standard would be for you (the practitioner) to have a shared Google business profile with your organization in the following format: [brand/company]: [practitioner name].

So let’s take the example of a chiropractor named John Doe at Break Your Back Chiropractic, for example. A chiropractor SEO export in this situation would name the Google business profile as “Break Your Back Chiropractic: John Doe”.

Optimize citations and remove duplicates

One important aspect to keep in mind is that there are websites out there that will automatically generate citations of your business.

Do your best to create new citations on as many relevant citation sites as possible, whether that’s BBB or something else.

Also, if you see any duplicate citations with incorrect information, it’s very important to remove those.

Reputation Management

This was briefly mentioned above, but reviews are one of the best chiropractor SEO efforts.

A local business that’s relevant to a search term, is close to a user’s proximity, AND has a lot of good reviews is likely to perform well in Google Maps.

Do your absolute best to earn consistent high quality reviews.

This does NOT mean you should be paying for reviews or offering specific deals to some customers that give your chiropractic business reviews.

But you can always ask for Google My Business reviews (and even follow up in an email).

We typically recommend creating an email template with a link directly to the review section of your Google business profile. Requesting reviews this way makes it extremely easy for the user.

Location-Specific Keywords

It’s important for users, as well as Google, to understand how you’re relevant for keywords related to your primary services (e.g., the top-level term “chiropractor”), but it’s also important to be relevant for long-tail keywords.

Here are a few examples of long-tail, location-specific chiropractic SEO keywords:

  • Chiropractor near me/you
  • Chiropractor in [city]
  • Chiropractor near [city]
  • [city] chiropractor
  • [county] chiropractor
  • Chiropractor in [county]
  • Best chiropractor in [city]
  • etc.

There are a lot of examples, and the list above was brainstormed in just a few seconds.

Take some time to brainstorm keywords like this and inject them into the copy on your site.

Deciding which pages to put them on is something chiropractor SEO experts like us would know best, as each situation is different, but the individual location pages are typically a great option.

Location Pages

If your practice has multiple locations, it’s important to create a website structure that includes pages for each of those locations.

For each location page, be sure to enter the correct name, address, and phone number that lines up with what’s found on your Google My Business listing for that location.

These location pages are a great way to advertise what you specialize in at that location, as well as location-specific reviews.

E.A.T. (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness)

Google has been focusing more and more lately on E.A.T.

This is an acronym that stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness.

The general idea behind E.A.T. is that it’s extremely important for users to understand how the person behind a website has expertise on what they’re talking about, why they have authority on the subject, and why they can be trusted.

E.A.T. is PARTICULARLY important when it comes to “Your money, your life” niches, making this directly applicable in chiropractic SEO efforts.

There are many ways you can improve E.A.T., and even things to keep in mind if you’re trying to improve SEO E.A.T. in challenging markets like the chiropractor niche.

Here are a few strategies we’d recommend:

  • Create fully-fledged author pages that have in-depth information about credentials, etc.
  • Create author snippets on blog posts
  • Link to your author pages as much as possible

While there are more efforts an experienced chiropractor SEO expert may recommend here, the above strategies will be a great start.

Become a topical authority

On the idea of increasing authority, one vital piece of chiropractic SEO is increasing your topical authority in your niche.

What better way to show a user you know what you’re talking about than having a lot of well-written, highly-useful blog posts?

Creating a content plan that targets a variety of related topics in the chiropractic niche (and even targets different chiropractic SEO keywords) and publishing consistently is extremely helpful. It’s important to build trust with Google, as well as users, over time. And the more (useful) content, the better. The one caveat is that that you don’t want to write posts that are not useful or are completely unrelated to what you do.

Internal Linking

While you’re creating content that is relevant and useful to your users, be sure to internally link back to your high priority page.

For chiropractic businesses, this would be your primary service pages, location pages, and even the home page.

Internal linking is a great way to show Google the URLs that are important on your site. From the user’s perspective, it makes it incredibly easy to access pages that are relevant to them.

Site Speed

If you have a slow website, it won’t matter what work you put into it.

Site speed is an SEO ranking factor that has been emphasized more and more throughout the years.

Whether you’re downloading a plugin, or hiring a developer, do everything you can to have an incredibly fast website.

How To Do Local SEO:

Our Process

At Sixth Media, we’ve been in the SEO business for a long time. We’ll work with you to design a custom-tailored SEO strategy that suits your brand and tackles your specific marketing needs. Because search engine marketing isn’t a one-size-fits-all method, you’ll never get cookie-cutter with us. Every campaign we design is customized for you and your local business.

Local/SMB Case studies:

Absolute MMA

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Increased Organic Traffic: 2138% Monthly

Increased Leads: 304% Year over year

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Absolute MMA

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur. Sed quisque curabitur maecenas eget. A tristique scelerisque commodo platea dolor. Urna sit et duis euismod. Mi elementum risus sit in donec morbi eleifend a. Cras erat in pharetra vel in justo magna urna.

Increased Organic Traffic: 2138% Monthly

Increased Leads: 304% Year over year

See Full Case Study

Conclusion: Don’t be afraid to talk to a chiropractor SEO Expert

At the end of the day, you may not want to handle all the chiropractor SEO efforts on your own.
And while the above guide will be extremely helpful, every SEO campaign is unique.
Click here to talk to a chiropractor SEO expert today!


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