Paid Advertising

Pay Per Click

PPC (also referred to as paid advertising) stands for pay-per-click. PPC is a form of advertising where an organization or business pays a certain amount of money each time their displayed ads are clicked by the internet. PPC advertising include google ads and social media ads. PPC is an effective way to quickly increase awareness of your business and increase sales.

Social Media Ads

In 2020 it was reported that there were 3.96 billion active social media users in the world and that 70% of Americans regularly used social media websites. Since social media is such a prolific part of our society it makes for an excellent channel to reach people about your products and services. Our social media advertising experts will craft and refine a strategy that will zero in on key audiences that will pay for your product or service giving you the most bang for your advertising buck.

Google Ads

With Over 70% of online searches taking place on Google utilizing Google ads is another effective way to reach potential customers. Our google ad experts will tailor make an ad campaign to find individuals that are the most likely to purchase your products or pay for your services.