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Plumber SEO is a targeted strategy for plumbers to increase visibility and win more clients. The first page of Google search results contains 10 listings, and 92% of users won’t venture to page two. That means if your plumbing business doesn’t show up on page one, you’re missing out on the majority of your potential clients. Work with a proven plumber SEO company that knows how to optimize your website, and start improving your traffic and leads. 

Plumber SEO Increases Visibility and Sales

The biggest benefit of SEO for plumbers is that your audience can find you easily through Google Search. The more work you put into organic growth, the more results you’ll see. As your name starts popping up more in search results, you’ll see an increase in inquiries, completed jobs, and overall sales.

How WE do it:

SEO for Plumbers

Like other businesses, plumber SEO requires a handful of fundamental strategies. At Sixth Media, we focus on plumber SEO tactics that bring tangible results:

  • Intensive keyword research
  • Analysis of your website’s technical functionality
  • A consistent effort focused on unique content output (blog posts, landing pages, and images)
Local Website Optimization

Of course, the most important type of SEO for plumbers is local SEO. Think of it this way: plumbers in New Jersey don’t need search results in Nebraska. You want to increase local traffic, and so do we.

Priority Location-Based Keywords

The first key to increasing local SEO for plumbers is focusing on location-based keywords. Our keyword research enables us to narrow your audience down to a specific state, city, county, and even an individual neighborhood if necessary.

Google Business Profile Optimization

Another crucial puzzle piece in local SEO for plumbers is the optimization of your Google Business Profile (GBP). When customers search for “the best plumbers near me,” your name should pop up with a GBP result that includes contact information, a link to your website, Google Reviews, photos, and more. 

To bring your business to the top of this list, we add keywords to your GBP, include the right business categories, and post regular updates.

NAP Citations

Name, Address, and Phone number (NAP) citations are also important for local plumber SEO. The more your contact info is listed online in relevant spaces, the more likely you are to show up as a top search result in your area. We add NAP citations to places like local directories, review sites, and social media to drive engagement.

Multi-Location Optimization

If your plumbing business has expanded enough to have multiple locations or if you are part of a franchise organization, your SEO strategy should account for your different locations. We want to ensure that potential clients find you in the right location, so we utilize our proven multi-location SEO strategies to help you win in each region.


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