Ecommerce SEO

Grow Your Business Online With High Quality E-Commerce SEO

With so many resources at your fingertips, there’s never been a better time to sell retail online. But this also means that the competition is high, and the battle for organic search engine clicks is getting harder to win. 

So, how do you make your ecommerce business stand out from the crowd? The answer is simple: ecommerce search engine optimization (or ecommerce SEO).

What is E-Commerce SEO?

Ecommerce SEO is the practice of optimizing your website with specific keywords and tags so that your web pages can be visible in Google and Bing search results. With SEO optimization, your shoppers can find your business faster and easier.

Why E-Commerce SEO?

One thing ecommerce businesses are known for: they’re incredibly vast, which proves to be a challenge for anyone trying to outrank their competition. You may be competing with several sites at once, depending on your business. In this instance, SEO is crucial to show search engines that your site is relevant, trustworthy, and clearly identified. 

Does your business show up in the first page of a Google search result? Google rankings are becoming more important by the day, as at least 92% of Google users click search results on the first page only.* If your business doesn’t show up in the top, you could be missing out on a ton of potential clients. You’ll need to rely on paid advertising to make up for the loss of organic clicks. 

The good news? Even small gains can show a dramatic improvement in clicks, conversions, and sales. So while bigger brands may seem to have a head start, we can help level the playing field by optimizing your site.

Our E-Commerce SEO Strategy

Although each e-commerce SEO campaign will differ, here are a few common ways to introduce SO techniques to your site (all of which are included in our strategies):

Keyword Research

Find out what your potential customers are searching for in Google, which keywords will drive the most traffic to your site, and what content to host to improve your search rankings.


Site Structure

Learn the right URL structure and navigation pathways for optimal user experience and search engine visibility. An improved site structure/funnel can often mean an increase in sales.

Content Strategy

Everything from blog posts to service pages, to metadata, is a must. A solid content strategy will improve your site user experience and increase your search rankings…a win-win!

Brand Trust & Expertise

Search engines are more likely to promote your site if they see your brand as trustworthy and an expert in your niche. We’ll use specific outreach and link acquisition strategies to bridge the gap.

SEO Strategy Bult for Your Business

We have one goal for all our ecommerce clients: bring customers to your site so you can make more revenue. And while it’s a simple goal, the execution is a bit more complex. We have to take into consideration your unique needs, such as your niche and top competitors, and we also need to make sure we’re always on top of our game, as search engine algorithms are constantly changing. 

At Sixth Media, we create an ecommerce SEO campaign dedicated to improving your brand’s search rankings and setting you up for success. Not only do we focus on driving traffic to your site, we also look for other areas that may need improvement, such as streamlining your user experience and optimizing your site for mobile.

Optimizing the User Experience

Is navigating your website an easy and enjoyable experience for your users? Let us test it out by assessing your site’s loading speed, meta data, and web content. Making sure your site is optimized for mobile is a must, as the majority of your potential customers will be browsing your site on their smartphones.

Long-Term Strategy

We know that ecommerce SEO requires an ongoing effort, which is why we’ll work with you to build a strategy that will improve your site over time and keep your business future-proof.

This is why we focus on proven strategies like keyword targeting, content quality, brand authority, and site structure.

We Take Care of the Details

Is there a catch to all this? Not at all. Ecommerce SEO is a vital part of any marketing strategy, and while it takes time to roll out, can deliver amazing results. Imagine having a predictable flow of visitors go to your site regularly, without you paying for every click. That’s the magic of a strong SEO strategy.

We get it, ecommerce SEO is complex. No matter what your experience, we want you to have control every step of the way. We think transparency is a big deal, which is why we provide clear, concise reporting and regular communication so that you’ll always be in the loop. How do you know if your site is improving? We’ll show you with a custom report dedicated to you.

Don’t Get Left Behind

As experts in search engine optimization, we are confident we can deliver results and help you get a leg up on your top competitors. We focus on the areas that will make the biggest impact, so you get the most out of your budget and the fastest results.

We’ve helped so many businesses with their SEO campaigns and we’d love to deliver the same incredible results. Contact us to get started with a FREE competitive SEO analysis.