About Us

We are Sixth Media

We are a white hat digital marketing agency that specializes in SEO, paid advertising, and web development. We are transparent, honest, and fair with our clients. Taking extreme ownership of our work, we are driven to achieve the best results possible for our clients. Together, we’ve helped dozens of businesses reach new heights.

Alex Blaisdell

CEO & Founder

Alex left the traditional 9-5 corporate world, turned down a 6-figure salary, to build the top-reviewed digital marketing agency, Sixth Media.

While he acts as the owner and CEO at Sixth Media, Alex is really in the business of human happiness. He wants his team members, partners, and their families to achieve new levels of success by working together in a true partnership to achieve maximum results.

Robert Dawson

Chief Revenue Officer

Robert is a people-first and happiness driven marketing specialist with a background in brand strategy development and copywriting. He uses his experience to serve others, elevate their companies, and give them more clarity in their vision and execution. His ultimate goal is always to deliver more joy to those around him, build a happy and healthy family with his wife, and live life with as much happiness as possible.

Alex Salsberry

Digital Marketing Director

Alex is passionate about all things digital marketing. He’s worked on digital marketing campaigns for 7 years, with a heavy focus in SEO. His clients have ranged from local ma and pa shops to large e-commerce sites.